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“Volunteers Make Mapleridge”

Volunteer Canada States:
“Volunteering can play a vital role in healthy aging.  Remaining active and staying connected to the community can have a positive impact on a person’s social, physical and emotional well being.  Studies have found that older adults who volunteer have reduced stress-related illnesses and higher self-esteem and are less likely to feel isolated.  Volunteering can also have a positive impact on lifestyle transitions in older adults as they retire, downsize their housing or deal with health issues. According to Statistics Canada, Canada’s senior adults volunteer an average of 223 hours each year, more then any other age group.”

Volunteering at Mapleridge

Our volunteers consists  mostly  of  Mapleridge members.  They must be a ‘member in good standing’ of the organization.  Volunteers are valuable resources to this organization and we utilize them in every way possible.  We encourage all members to consider becoming a volunteer
Be part of making a difference in Mapleridge

Apply a skill that you have to a volunteer position available at Mapleridge.

  • Help to make our organization viable on an ongoing basis (by saving money that we would otherwise have to pay someone for/by helping to raise money through special events)
  • Meet new friends


Volunteer Opportunities



“Volunteers Make Mapleridge”

If you are interested in volunteering a small amount of your time please contact Heather McGinn, General Manager

Mapleridge Recreation Centre