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Volunteer Testimonials

At Mapleridge we strive to provide a valuable volunteer experience for our members.  The following testimonials are from our very own volunteers. 

“When you retire the days can be long if you have nothing to do,  Volunteering at Mapleridge has kept my Husband & I active and I believe healthier. Not only does volunteering help others it also helps you.  Gives your life a purpose. Mapleridge is full of happy friendly people and we look forward to coming to the Club.”
Wilma Galloway- Kitchen, Special Event Volunteer

“I decided to volunteer at Mapleridge because I was coming to the centre to play cards, lunches and play shuffleboard.  Everyone was so friendly that I decided to become a volunteer.  I had recently retired and I missed the people contact and Mapleridge offered that.  I have suggested to many that volunteering makes me feel good.”
Barb Scott-Front Desk Volunteer

“Helping others is something very close to my heart.  Volunteering is one way I see of doing this.   I have volunteered for events while I was working and now that I am retired, I volunteer at Mapleridge to give back to the community using my skill set and my love for Gardening.  If that brings joy to our Seniors, then why not??”
Jasmine Boovariwala-Admin & Gardening Volunteer

“I decided to volunteer at Mapleridge when my husband and I returned from Florida last year. We do volunteering there and when we returned I missed the interaction with people. I have met so many nice people at Mapleridge and really look forward to my shifts at the reception desk each week. I am truly amazed at how all the activities keep the seniors young at heart.”
Anne Marie Robertson- Front Desk Volunteer

Volunteering at Mapleridge is contributing to the prosperity of the Centre. That feels good. I feel valued, respected and appreciated. Volunteering gives me purpose and a sense of belonging to a community of fun and friendly people.” 
Cyndie Forget-Admin Volunteer

Volunteering at Mapleridge Recreation Centre has been a very positive experience for me.  It has allowed me to be active and socially involved while doing the things I love to do…(cooking and shopping).  I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing I am making a difference for the community and supporting the success of the centre.”
Phyllis Ifill-Front Desk, Shopper & Cook Volunteer

“Volunteers Make Mapleridge”

Mapleridge Recreation Centre