Friendship, programs and activities for adults 50+


History of The Senior Citizen’s Association of Peterborough / Mapleridge Recreation Centre
From 1957 to 2000

In 1957 a group of people who were interested in the well being of people 50+ organized an Association to raise funds that would be used to purchase a suitable place for recreational programs.  After only $4,000 was raised it was apparent that there was little interest in supporting such a  project.  The money was then put into an account and the Association was virtually dormant for the next two or three years.

In March 1960 a public meeting was held for the purpose of reorganizing the  Association.  It was decided to again ascertain if a suitable property for the centre could be secured.  After several months of looking at various buildings and lots, the newly formed building committee was informed that the house on 59 McDonnel Street, owned by Dr. L.E. Currie could be purchased for $18,000.

The house was inspected and considered to be entirely suitable for a Recreation Centre and recommended that it be purchased for the asking price.  With only $4,000 a new well organized campaign had to be started.  The campaign successfully raised an additional total of $19,000.  This meant the Association had enough money to pay for the building with money left over to make certain alterations and renovations.

The  Association officially opened on October 4, 1961.  From the start, the centre was popular and soon many people 50+ became involved in their favorite activities.  Many activities were started at once such as a Choir and Harmonica group, Bridge and Progressive Euchre which continue to be the most popular activities a the Centre during this time.

By the end of the first year it became apparent the building would have to be enlarged due to the growing interest in the club’s activities.  In November 1964, the addition was officially opened and more programs were started such as carpet bowling, bingo, square dancing and a physical fitness program.  A newsletter was also introduced in the mid seventies to keep members informed.

 In 1973 the Association applied for and received its first grant and  a number of alterations were again done.  The garage was transformed into a craft room and a craft shop for permanent display and sale of craft work was added.

Over the next 24 years the Association grew and many more programs were started.  However, in 1997 a decision was reached to relocate.  59 McDonnel Street was sold due to lack of space.  After many months of looking a committee decided to move to 1840 Lansdowne St. and the Association took on the name Mapleridge Recreation Centre.

The Association operates under a constitution and by-laws and is governed by a board of directors, who hold monthly meetings.  The annual general meeting is held at the end of our fiscal year, followed by election of officers.

All level of government, local businesses, agencies and individuals have given strong encouragement and financial support to our Association for which the members are grateful.

In a brief history such as this, it is impossible to give credit to all the people who have donated their services to the Association over the past forty years.  So in closing we would like to say thank you to everyone for your generosity and support.

Researched and compiled by,
Wm. J. Riddle and Kim Neale
August 1, 2000

Mapleridge Recreation Centre