Friendship, programs and activities for adults 50+

Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Heather McGinn at 705-742-1481 or email

If you are interested in any of the following volunteer opportunities:

Artistic Glass Painter  – paint seasonal designs on wine bottles to be used for centerpieces.

Shuffleboard Coordinator  –  Organizes teams to ensure each team has the sufficient number of people, captains and spares.  Take inquires from members placing them on teams that suits their needs.

Special Events  –  Volunteers are needed to either lead a project or be part of a committee for these events.  If this area is where you see yourself helping, please let the office staff know.

Front Door – Volunteers needed to greet members, punch user fee cards and ensure members are registered for programs

Delta Bingo – Brings in revenue to our programs.  Volunteers are required to do shifts at Delta Bingo.  Talk to the office or a board member about how to get trained.

Cafe – this new project requires volunteers to work a shift and provide this service to our members.  Please let office know if you are interested.

Gardeners – needed to maintain gardens located on the grounds of the building.  Duties include, weeding, planting, watering.  May-October

Bartenders– Tend bar for special events. 2 to 3 hours, Smart Serve is required

Beer Shopper-Beer Store runs when beer is needed.

Library Puzzle Organizer-Organize and keep puzzles put away- once a week 


Mapleridge Recreation Centre