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Program Description


Those who play more frequently score higher on cognitive test.  An area in the brain used in playing bridge stimulates the immune system.   Researchers suggest that is because players must use memory, visualization and sequencing.

Line Dancing


A fast-paced teaching class that introduces steps beyond those already taught in the beginner level in preparation for pure dance classes.  



Qigong involves the cultivation of energy and awareness through movement, posture, and breathing. The overarching goal of our Qigong practice is to enhance long-term quality of life.

Qi refers to the bio-magnetic energy found within all living things. It circulates in natural patterns through channels called meridians and vessels. Qigong leads energy through these channels helping to open up points blocked by physical, mental, or emotional stress.

We move to generate heat, stand to activate qi, and sit to quiet the mind. In so doing, our Qigong practice helps us to counter the negative effects of sedentary living and stress.



Better Bones 

Learn to create opportunities to build bone density and body-mind awareness through proper functional movement.  Learn to identify where you hold tension and release through yoga breath, postures and relaxation.  Increase strength, flexibility, balance, endurance while calming the mind.  


Participants in this class enjoy all the benefits of a traditional yoga class seated in a chair.  the class is perfect for people who have difficulty moving easily from the floor to a standing position and provides them with the tools needed to relax and release restrictions from the body, enjoying freer movement.  Participants will also benefit from improved strength, flexibility, balance and pain management skills. 


This slower moving class focuses on proper alignment and breathing practices that restore energy levels and help undo tensions and areas of injury to the body.  Each class is a combination of yoga movement, breath work and mediation which help the participant understand the role tension plays in the discomfort and restrictions in their body.  With that, the participant will develop the ability to release those tensions, resulting in freer and more comfortable movement.


Restorative yoga is a form of yoga which aims to achieve physical, mental and emotional well begin, with the aid of props.  In restorative yoga, the aim is muscular release which happens before one is aware of the sensation of stretch.  And for this reason, we need to support the body (pillows, bolster, blocks) in a shape that is comfortable and sensation free.

When the body is fully supported in a pose we can relax into the shape of the pose without exerting any physical effort to sta there.  In turn we create space in the body so that the natural flow of energy can return.  Restorative yoga is for anyone who desires a full body-mind experience, and can be done on a chair or a mat. 

Stretch & Strength 

Welcome to an opportunity to explore proper breathing patterns, move functionally and settle into learning relaxation techniques.  Are you looking for a yoga class that will lengthen/strengthen/tone and shape muscles while building body awareness?  This class will be more active and a level that requires moving on a yoga mat and relaxing on your back.  Yoga props are used to support your movements.


There is a yin aspect of life and a yang aspect.  Yin cannot exist with Yang, nor can Yang exists without Yin, they compliment each other.   In Yin yoga we focus on the Yin tissues of the body, ligaments, bones and joints.  It is in the Yin part of our practice, the holding of the pose that provides length.  In the Yang yoga we focus on the Yang tissues of the body, muscles, blood and skin.  It is in the Yang part of our practice, much care is taken to align the body and engage our muscles correctly to create strength and stability. 

Yin-Yang are opposites, Yin describes the shade side of the mountain, the north and Yang describes the sunny side, the south.  Together they make the WHOLE.. it is in this WHOLENESS that because our main pursuit in Yin-yang yoga.


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